How To Return A Gift On Amazon?

If you’re looking for how to return a gift on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place.

Receiving a gift from a loved one by mail is wonderful, but it can be disappointing if it’s not the right size, color, or something you’ll use. The good news is, if it’s from Amazon, returning it is easy peasy, and the best part is, the giver won’t be aware that you sent it back.

Just make sure to thank them first, and then follow these steps to send the gift back on Amazon quickly and discreetly:

How to return a gift on Amazon?

First, locate your gift on Amazon

First, log in to your account on Amazon (if you don’t have one, you’ll have to create one). Head to the Returns Center at or specifically for gift returns, go to

Then, enter the 17-digit order ID of the item you want to return. You’ll find this number on the packing slip inside the box your gift came in. Don’t panic if you can’t find it; you can contact Amazon for help. After locating the ID, click on “continue.”

Choose the gift you’re returning, specify the number of items, and pick a reason for your return from the dropdown menu. For items purchased from a third-party seller, you might need to request a return, and the seller might want to check your reason before approving it.

Then, pick your shipping option

There are several potential choices available for return shipping, such as returning to a nearby

  • Kohl’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Petco
  • Amazon Physical Locations
  • Amazon Hub Locker Location
  • UPS Store

Additionally, you may qualify for a discount on any new purchase you make at that store when making your return!

If you decide to use the Amazon Hub Locker for your return, you’ll be prompted to choose one near your location. Please note that for this option, your package should be smaller than 18 by 14 by 12 inches.

Now, print out your label and return authorization if needed. Remember, not all returns need printing. If you don’t have a printer, Amazon will send you a link to your label via email. You can print it later or ask someone else to do it. Keep in mind that each return requires its own unique label, and it’s crucial not to mix items from different orders or deliveries in the same package, as this could lead to confusion in the process.

Next, box up your return and send

When you have to return it, and they say you should put it in a box and label it, just put the return authorization inside the box along with the gift. Make sure the gift is in original condition with all its accessories. Stick the label on the outside of the box, and your package is ready to be sent back!

Once Amazon gets your return, they’ll give you a refund in the form of an Amazon gift card. The money goes straight to your account, so you can use it to buy something you really like.

The gift’s cost should be below $2,000. If it’s higher, Amazon will refund the sender of the gift from the mode of payment. But if your gift is less than $2,000 and you have an Amazon account, you can get it as an Amazon gift card.

When you’re refunded with an Amazon gift card for the gift you’re sent back, the person who originally gave it won’t be informed or get any notification. They’ll only know if, for some reason, they notice you’re not using or showcasing the item they gave you.

Can you return a gift on Amazon without a receipt?

Sadly, no. You can’t return Amazon gifts without the 17-digit order number that comes with the product. Without this number, returning the item is not possible. Your best option is to talk to the person who sent you the gift and request that order number. Hopefully, they’ll be okay with it!

You can also try contacting customer service, and let them know you got a gift, but there’s no order number or gift receipt. They’ll ask for the gift giver’s email address (hopefully, you have access to this!). After that, things should go smoothly.

How much time do you have to return a gift on Amazon?

Usually, things sent straight from Amazon can be returned within 30 days. But, if your gift is from a third-party seller, they might have their own rules for returns. You can find more info on the Returns to Third-Party Sellers page.

What gifts from Amazon can’t be returned?

There are some items purchased on Amazon that you can’t return. Among them are:

  • Gift cards (except as required by law)
  • Prepaid game cards (for example, World of Warcraft, Xbox 360 Live, Wii Points)
  • Downloadable software products
  • Open software
  • Online subscriptions after you accessed them
  • Items classified as hazardous materials
  • Items that use flammable liquids or gases
  • Computer laptops, desktops, and Kindles more than 30 days after delivery
  • Any product missing the serial number or UPC
  • Some jewelry orders
  • Some health and personal care orders
  • Amazon Fresh and Grocery Products
  • Customized products

When you type in the 17-digit order number on the Gift Returns page, you’ll see a clear label saying, ‘This item isn’t eligible for return‘ if it can’t be returned.

Can you exchange a gift on Amazon?

It varies. When you begin the return steps, some items might show a menu where you can pick a different size or color for the gift. But if you don’t find that choice, you’ll need to send back the gift and get the one you want separately.

Can you return used items to Amazon?

To get all your money back, the items you return should be unopened and not damaged. If the items aren’t in their original state, you can still ask for a refund, but Amazon might not give you the entire value of the items. It might not be a big deal if the item was a gift, but it’s something to keep in mind if you used the gift and then decided to return it.

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Final Thoughts:

Returning a gift on Amazon is a hassle-free process when you follow these simple steps. The platform is designed to make the experience as smooth as possible for customers.

Whether it’s a sizing issue, a product defect, or just a change of mind, Amazon’s return policies are designed to make the process convenient for customers. Remember to check the specific return policies for the item you received, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Amazon’s customer service if you need any assistance.

We hope you liked our article on how to return a gift on Amazon. If you have any more ideas or any other creative suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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