Do You Bring A Gift To A Gender Reveal Party?

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Gender reveal parties have become a popular and exciting way for expecting parents to share the joyous news about the sex of their unborn child with friends and family. As these celebrations have gained momentum, the question of whether to bring a gift to a gender reveal party has become a topic of discussion.

The etiquette surrounding this matter isn’t always clear, leaving guests wondering if it’s customary to arrive with a token of congratulations or if the event is more about sharing in the moment.

This celebration typically happens in the second trimester, approximately when the mom is 18 to 20 weeks pregnant. The way this exciting news is disclosed varies – it could be through the expectant parents cutting a cake, revealing a pair of baby shoes, or some other safe and calm way that surprises both them and their guests.

Unlike baby showers, not all soon-to-be-parents feel the need to organize a gender reveal party. Some prefer to keep their baby’s gender a surprise until birth, or they might not like the idea of this cultural tradition. Since gender reveal parties aren’t as common as baby showers, there aren’t clear guidelines about bringing gifts to these events.

Thankfully, this occasion is usually relaxed, and the rules for giving gifts are also easygoing. Let’s discuss what you should keep in mind when deciding whether to bring a gift to a gender reveal party.

Do you bring a gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

In short, it’s a nice gesture to bring a gift to a gender reveal gathering, but it’s not a must. According to etiquette coach Suzy Lins:

Choosing to give a gift and deciding how much to spend on it are personal decisions. She emphasizes that meaningful gifts don’t necessarily have to be costly.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to express their joy through tokens of affection, bringing a small gift can be a delightful gesture. Opting for something gender-neutral is a safe bet. Think about items like a cute baby blanket, a set of onesies, or a gift card to a baby store. These gifts show thoughtfulness without making assumptions about the baby’s gender.

As gender reveal parties are usually relaxed, and no one knows the baby’s gender yet, there’s no hurry to go for an extravagant gift at this moment. It might be a better choice to give something thoughtful to the parents.

Lins recommends a caring gift to comfort the mom-to-be throughout her pregnancy. Things like creams, foot soaks, a massage roller, or non-slip socks would be thoughtful as her belly gets bigger. If you want to involve the dad, a gift card would be a welcomed gesture.

And don’t forget, the potential baby shower is a few months down the road, so you can keep your most adorable baby gift ideas for that event!

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision to bring a gift to a gender reveal party is a personal one. It’s about understanding the nature of the event, considering your relationship with the parents-to-be, and your budget & comfort level.

It’s important to note that every gender reveal party is unique, just like the individuals involved. Some hosts may specifically request no gifts, while others may have a baby registry for those who wish to contribute. Checking in with the hosts or a close friend can provide insight into their preferences, ensuring your choice aligns with the spirit of the celebration.

In conclusion, the etiquette surrounding gift-giving at gender reveal parties is still evolving, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether you choose to bring a gift or not, the most important thing is to be present and supportive as the parents-to-be share this special moment in their journey to parenthood.

So, go ahead, attend the party, revel in the excitement, and let the love and anticipation fill the air.

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The gift you bring doesn’t need to be costly. When picking a gift for the reveal party, there are a few things to keep in mind. These are:

  • Gender Neutral : When you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, choose a gift that works for either. Avoid specifically buying for a boy or a girl.
  • Age appropriate : Get something the parents can use in the first three months after the baby arrives. This way, they can use it right away without worrying about storing it for later when it might be forgotten and left unused.
  • Practical : It’s not helpful to buy something just because it looks good but won’t be used. Ensure the gift you choose is practical and useful.

A gender reveal party differs from a baby shower in several ways. It’s less formal and more casual, with both men and women being welcome. There are no games played, and bringing gifts is not a must.

  • Books to Keeping Romance Going
  • Baby Milestone Cards
  • Bathrobe and Slippers
  • Matching Parent Mugs
  • Gift Card for Dinner
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Something for Dad to Wear like a “Dad-to-Be” shirt or “The Man Behind the Bump”
  • Heartbeat Monitor
  • Baby Handprint Kit
  • Luxury Spa Gift Basket
  • Cooking Class
  • Lots of Snacks
  • Vitamins
  • Lavender
  • Foot Soak
  • A Stylish Water Bottle
  • Hand-Decorated Onesies
  • Toys
  • Large Diapers
  • Baby Bath Items
  • Baby Gear like a stroller or baby bouncer
  • Baby Keepsake Box

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